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May be you are finding a good outsourcing training center in Bangladesh.Nowadays earning from outsourcing has become a great way to earn from internet for Bangladeshi people.Many buyers of USA,UK,Canada,Australia,Germany and other western countries are finding Bangladeshi workers to do different kinds of computer and online related works.You can ask why are they finding Bangladeshi workers instead of their own countries workers?The reason is high price of their workers(Such as minimum price of one hour of a USA worker is around 20 to 30$ or more)But a Bangladeshi workers do the same work only for 3 to 5$.For that western buyers are interested in hiring Bangladeshi workers to do their outsourcing related works.According to the report of different outsourcing related sites Bangladesh is on 3rd position in the world for outsourcing or freelancing.

Also Bangladesh government is encouraging Bangladeshi people to do outsourcing related works to increase the foreign remittance.According to different reports within next few years this outsourcing sector will be the big 2nd source of earning remittance after garments sector.

So as Bangladeshi people you have great scope to earn money by doing outsourcing/freelancing related works.But before all you need to learn how to do outsourcing or freelancing related works properly.You can learn these from internet by yourself but that will take so much time to learn.So to learn practically and quickly you need to get help from any outsourcing training center in Bangladesh.

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Why we are best Outsourcing Training Center in Bangladesh

Form 2009 to 2012 we were running online earning training center named by “Earningbd.com”.After successfully training many people for outsourcing recently we converted our name to “Ovijat IT Limited” to run deferent IT related Courses.From our deep & long experience in outsourcing training sector we know how to make a freelancer.

      • Lifetime Technical support
      • Well decorated class room with AC and Projectors
      • Expert trainer with more than 4 years experience in outsourcing
      • Lecture sheet and class’s video soft copy
      • Free International Master Card to bring payments
      • Computer to practice

We strongly believe that as an Outsourcing training center in Bangladesh we can properly guide you to make a Freelancer.

How to earn by doing outsourcing related works

There has some 3rd party freelancing/outsourcing websites. Such as www.freelancer.com www.odesk.com www.elance.com www.99design.com www.fiverr.com www.peopelperhour.com etc.Foriegn buyers post their works to these sites.If you know how to do that kinds of works then you can get many works from there.Third party website will take the responsibility of getting payment from buyer for you.For that they can take small commission from buyer.And to bring that money to Bangladesh each 3rd party site will give you free International master card.Even if you want then you can bring money to your local Bangladeshi bank directly.As a outsourcing training center in Bangladesh we will train you all details about getting works and bringing payment to Bangladesh.

How to earn from own blog by adsense or affiliate marketing

But if you do not want to do works of buyers then you can earn from internet from Bangladesh in some other ways.Such as from adsense/chitika,adbrite and other adverting networks.If you have a blog or website then you can publish different advertisemet of these networks.For that these networks will pay you.You can also earn good amount of money from your blog by doing affiliate marketing of different products.From our this outsourcing training center in Bangladesh you will learn all details about these.

So don’t hesitate but admit the best outsourcing training center in Bangladesh


  • kamal says:

    vai apnader office ki firday te khula thake?

    • admin says:

      Yeas..Brother….Amader office Friday Khula thake. Our weekly holiday is Tuesday only. Our office open every 11.00am to 8.00pm without Tuesday.

  • ajij says:

    kalke office khula?

    • Ovijat IT Limited says:

      Amader office bondho shodho Mongol bar..Mongol bar chara protidin Sokal 11.00am theke 8.00pm porjonto office khola. Hotal ar din o office khola thake.

  • Quader says:

    Apnader course fee kemon ? class duration/course duration kotho gonta/mounth?

    • Ovijat IT Limited says:

      Amader Course Fee 5000tk…Course duration 2 month,,,2 class per week,,,2 hour per class duration..

  • robin says:

    kobe theke class suru??

  • russel says:

    vai i m from ctg. i cant go dhaka. but i want to be ur student.because i think u will give me the best Gide line. now what can i do. how i can get ur Lecture sheet and class’s video soft copy. can u teach in ctg.

    • Ovijat IT Limited says:

      Our lecture sheet and Class videos only reserved for Our students. But call me I will try to help you.

  • Anika Kabir Shokh says:

    Thanks for the amazing info freelancing, I will join soon

  • Md. Golam Mortuza Ali says:

    Ctg. te kono branch office korben ki? ta hole dhaka-r vahire amader kaj sikte parbo

  • trisha heinz says:

    Hi this is kinda of off topic but I was wanting to know if blogs
    use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML.
    I’m starting a blog soon but have no coding skills so I wanted to get guidance from someone with experience. Any help would be enormously appreciated!

    • Ovijat IT Limited says:

      Why not..Just visit our office to know more details about use of “WYSIWYG editors”and manually code with HTML.

  • sufal says:

    course fee ta aktu komano jaena…?

    • Ovijat IT Limited says:

      Brother, khuj niye dkehen aro proisthan gulur. Amar tu mone hoy amrai sobceye kom dicci. Sei 2009 saleo 5000 tk nitam tokhon choto office chilo vara ditam matro 6000 tk r ekhon boro office nici and vara dite hoy mas e around 35000 tk but course sei 5000 tk e rakhci. Amra eta mas 2 er maze aro baranur cinta korteci.khub somboboto romazan er por theke 7 theke 8 hajar kore felbo.

  • AB Fahad says:

    Bro where is ur Branch..and i’m only 16 years old…can i also join with others?

    • Ovijat IT Limited says:

      We have only one branch and that is at Nahar Plaza (just infront of Estern Plaza), Hatirpool. And age is not a factor if you can give time to learn all things. But be careful about your academic study first. As you are 16 years old so I think you need spend so much time for your academic study. After spending time for academic study, if you have enough time only then you can spend that time to learn outsourcing. But if you don’t have enough time after academic study then don’t hurry to learn other things. Trust me you will get more and more time after to learn these type of things.

  • rimi says:

    Outsourcing income korar jonno ki english khub valo janta hoi?

    • Ovijat IT Limited says:

      Outsourcing Kaj kore Earn ba Income korar jonno Mutamoti mane ar English jante hobe. Jemon: Kono bideshi buyer jodi apnake Email ba massage pathay tobe ta pore bojte hobe & tader reply korte hobe.Se jonno karo massage pore boja & reply korar moto English jante hobe.

  • sonya says:

    outcorcing a kaj kore ki income kora sombob ? ami apnader okane course korty cai.

    • Ovijat IT Limited says:

      Eta fully depend korbe apnar upor. Amader ekhan theke course oneke monthly 1 hajar dollar income kortece abar onek 1 cent o income korte pare na. Amra total guideline debo ekhon apni zodi segulu follow koren and practice koren tahole success sure but zodi amader class kore basay giye bose thaken tahole sara jibon course koreo 1 tk income korte parben na. Hardly bollam mone hoy but etay bastobota.

  • Himel.. says:

    Apnader ki bikeler kono beach nei….othoba sonda kalin…??

    • Ovijat IT Limited says:

      ace bikal 3 ta theke ekta and arekta bikal 5 ta theke and class hoy weekly sudu Friday and Saturday te

  • sabrina says:

    main office kothay ar branch koita?

    • Ovijat IT Limited says:

      Amader aktai office. Hatirpul, Nahar Plaza Lift ar 4,, (5m tola) 513 no office. Ovijat IT Limited

  • Faysal Yousuf says:

    Ami SEO korte interested. Jodio amar onek gulo Blog site and a Google ad sense ase. Ami kaj k voy pai na but voy pai manush k. Apnak onek thanks. Willing to join with you.

    • Ovijat IT Limited says:

      Good… Jeheto apnar blog & Adsense 2tai ache…Tai blogging hote pare apnar future…Ar sei jonno SEO ar bikolp nei…Tai apnake Welcome amader office a..

  • sonya says:

    apner okhane course kore ki tk earn kora jabe? kindly janabebn.

    • Ovijat IT Limited says:

      Sodho course korle taka earn kora jabe na.. But Course kore kaj shikhe kaj korle taka earn kora jabe…Thanks

  • raybayka says:

    brother. apnara koyta course sikhate 5000 tk nen. mul course ki seo, Social media merketing ?odesk a job Job apply korte ki apanra help koran?

    • Ovijat IT Limited says:

      Amra SEO,SMM,Article Writing , Web Design with WordPress ai 4ta course ar jonno 5000 taka fee niya thaki.Ai course a purnango vabe ai 4ta bishoy shikhano hobe.Ha,, Mul course SEO.Ha,, amra oDesk.com soho sokol freelancing site a kivabe job apply korte hoy ta shikhia thaki..

  • raybayka says:

    jodi kau 1 month sikhta chay protidin or 4/5 day sikhano ki somvob. ar kaj korta parba koto din por thaka?

    • Ovijat IT Limited says:

      Na..Outsourcing training 2 month a e korte hobe..1month a somvob na.Kaj korte parben kaj shikhar por theke..

  • ridoy says:

    vai ami student so studenter kotha cinta kore holeo Course fee 7000-8000 tk na kore 5000 tk ar moddeh simabodho rakhben. akto chesta korun parben…
    tahole student bhaira sobai ai course ta korte parbe. I read national university

    • Ovijat IT Limited says:

      Sei jonno e amara course fee ta akhono =5000tk rekhechi…Ata 8000tk korar siddanto hoyechilo. But apnader moto Student der request a e akhono porjonto =5000tk thanks

  • farhan says:

    ekjon beginer hishebe outsourcing er kaj suru kore daily 2 hr kaj korle monthly income anumanik kmon hote pare?

  • Rakib says:

    Want to Lean SEO.. The cost?

    • Ovijat IT Limited says:

      Our SEO course fee only=5000 tk. Course duration 2 Month & 2 day per week. Friday and saturday. Class duration 2 hour.

  • Fahmida Ali says:

    I would like to know how could be possible to be trained up from home as I am unable to go out to take the training. But am willing to do the freelancing to earn money from my home to bear my family expense. Would you please advise me the way?
    Fahmida Ali

    • Ovijat IT Limited says:

      Ovijat it Limited doesn’t provide home based training. But if you would like to earn money online before all you need to learn how to do outsourcing or freelancing related works properly. You can learn these from internet by yourself but that will take so much time to learn. So to learn practically and quickly you need to get help from any outsourcing training center in Bangladesh.

  • mizan says:

    Outsourcing Training Center is a very essential topic for Bangladesh. Most of the people are vast knowledge in this subject. Thou we earn lots of money in this sector. So, proper training in this matter.

  • masud parvez says:

    viaa anek e boly jy worpress shekty anek din laagy apnaraa ke 2 month er course wordpress pura ta shekhaben i mean sesh korben?

    • Ovijat IT Limited says:

      Asole WordPress ar madhome apni apnar moner moto web design korte parben khob sohoje programing chara e..Wordpress ta amra poriporno vabe shikhabo. Amader ai Course a… And ai joge prottek ta Smart bektir nijer web nije design korar moto joggo ta thaka ocit… Apni jodi can Welcome amader Outsourcing course. a

  • Prince says:

    Apnara ki ei course-e SEO (On-page, off-page) fully cover koren??

    • Ovijat IT Limited says:

      Yes, Amra ai Outsourcing Course a (On Page and Off Page and Advance) SEO fully cover dei…

  • Ovijat IT Limited says:

    Sorry Dear brow, Amder ak maser kono training program nai..

  • Ovijat IT Limited says:

    Yes Brow, Jodi apnar bashay “Internet soho Computer” thake and English pore muta muti boja o reply korar moto ability thake tobe apni shikhte parben.

  • Hafez Ahmed says:

    accha training korar por amra kaj kivhabe pabo?

    • Ovijat IT Limited says:

      Outsourcing kaj ki ??? Kaj kothay pawea jay?? Kaj ar jonno ki vabe apply korte hoy?? Kaj ki vabe nite hoy?? Korte hoy ?? Joma dite hoy??Taka ki vabe cash korte hoy?? ai A to Z amra amader class a practically shikhabo….

  • shawn says:

    sir, apnader akhan theke shikle ki kaj pete sohoj hobe? Onek tranning center golote bole j class room thekei taka income kora jay… Apnara ki se rokom kono help koren?

    • Ovijat IT Limited says:

      Amra try korbo apnake akjon dokkho freelancer hisabe gore tolte. Ar apni jodi dokkho freelancer hisabe nijeke toiri korte paren tobe kaj ar pichone apnake gorte hobe na.. Kaj apnar picho ne gorbe….. But amar kono kaj dewar protisroti dei na kono student ke…

  • Abdul Alim says:

    Is it possible for the job holder to do the course only Friday ? Please reply ?

  • Tanveer says:

    Vai,training er por outsourcing-er kaje ki help kore thaken?

    • Ovijat IT Limited says:

      Hmm Bhai,,, Amra training ar por Life time support dibo.. Apnar outsourcing related joto problem sob e amra somadhan korar cesta korbo…Thanks

  • S Alam says:

    If you could kindly let me know about your class timings. Thanks.

    • Ovijat IT Limited says:

      Yes,Our Course duration:3 months, 2 Days per week.Friday and Saturday (11.00am to 1.00pm )+(3.00pm to 5.00pm)+(5.00pm to 7.00pm ).

  • fahad says:

    apnader bortoman course fee koto.? .course koto diner? soptahe koydin class? janale upokrito hobo plz… :)

  • tanzera says:

    bhia apnader address ta janaben plz

    • Ovijat IT Limited says:

      Address: Office N0- 513, 4th Floor, Nahar Plaza,Hatirpul,Shahabagh, Dhaka, 1000 (Just In Front of Eastern Plaza)
      You can find or contact with our FaceBook Page.
      E-mail: info@ovijat.com
      Phone: +88 02 966 9856 or Cell: +880 1686 12 70 15

  • tashrif says:

    vorti hote chai..Kobe hoa Jabe..?

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